Chile Today, Hot Tomorrow

If you are where you eat, a lot of people are Benny's, since the Denver institution is usually packed with fans, including Leslie Fry, who offers this:

Benny's is my all-time favorite Denver restaurant. I have been there with family, friends, boyfriends, blind dates, out-of-towners, foreigners, children, grandparents, co-workers and neighbors. It is a place where you can dress up or dress down; eat quickly or linger for hours; you can have a quiet dinner with a friend or a party with a table of ten drunken friends. There is always a wait but it never seems to take that long, I always run into someone I know and I have eaten there so many times I never have to look at the menu (Fish Taco Plate, please -- wait, make that a Sloppy Burrito).

Benny's is Denver to me -- fast, slow, crowded (where did all these people come from?) but friendly, and a place everyone I know enjoys.

Keep those cards and letters coming, folks. -- Jason Sheehan


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