Chomp! Vegan Supper Club serves up plant-based cuisine for the masses

Plants & Animals Denver coordinates many awesome activities, including the monthly Neat Market, where vegans and vegetarians can obtain hard-to-find and handcrafted food items, and the upcoming Fancy Plants Vegan Prom on Saturday, March 31. But one of its most popular and long-running events is the monthly Chomp! Vegan Supper Club, which takes place at Green Spaces Colorado, 1368 26th Street, on the first Wednesday of every month. We stopped by this past Wednesday evening and learned the first lesson of Chomp! Vegan Supper Club: Show up by 7 p.m., because fifteen minutes later, a line stretched from the corner of the Green Spaces office area, through clusters of desks all the way to the door.

After filing past a table showcasing raffle items (everyone gets a ticket for attending) and forking over the reasonable $7 to $10 donation, attendees were given plates -- if they hadn't brought their own, that is -- and smiling chef after smiling chef described each item as it was put on the plate.

"This is a roasted eggplant and chickpea pita sandwich with fattoush salad and cauliflower hummus."

"This is rice pilaf with a smoky vegetable kabob; this is garlic pesto sauce, and this is a creamy garlic sauce."

"This is our take on a dolmade; it's sprouted-quinoa tabbouleh stuffed inside a mustard green."

"This is a Semolina rosewater basboosa cupcake. Careful, it's really sticky; that's the rosewater."

Holding full plates, we now faced the next challenge: finding a seat in the sea of talking, laughing people, many with tattoos and piercings, all thoroughly enjoying the Lebanese-themed dishes. The speakeasy in the center of the space was doing a brisk business, serving up $2 microbrew bottles and classic, handcrafted cocktails shaken and served in Ball jars.

Get to the next Chomp early, so that you can savor one of the town's best vegan experiences.

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