CiCi's bargain pizza empire plans to add 500 stores by 2016

There's good pizza and there's great pizza, but the consensus is that there's really no such thing as a bad pizza. It's pizza.

Whether you like the pizza at CiCi's Pizza Buffet — known for its $5 all-you-can-eat pizza — haven't had it, or despise everything it stands for, the chain is multiplying like rabbits. On Wednesday, the Plano, Texas-based company, formed in 1985, revealed its plans to add 500 stores over the next six years to its already existing 600 stores in 35 states.

Currently there are nine locations in Colorado, six of which are located in the Denver metro area, but don't hold your breath if you're hoping for more locations in Colorado: "Through recent market and demographic research, the company has identified these prime areas for expansion: the Inland Empire, Chicago, Upstate New York, Philadelphia, Miami and Phoenix," reads a release by the company.

"With its devoted fan base and strong value message, CiCi's is already on the right path," says Nancy Hampton, one of the executives hired by CiCi's this month to drive the expansion.

"As more consumers get to know CiCi's and the incredible quality, value and extraordinary service we offer, we know even more pizza lovers will become our loyal guests."

It's not quite join or die, but college students and parents of young children (who, at least anecdotally, seem to be the main customer base) are going to have a few more dining options in the next few years.

We leave you with this:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.