City denies Rockbar's liquor-license application renewal

Tom Downey, director of the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses, just issued his final decision regarding Rockbar's application to renew its liquor licenses for the hipster hangout on East Colfax. Downey's decision?


And if that order stands, Rockbar will be high and dry within the month.

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In issuing his final order, Downey extended Rockbar's hotel and restaurant liquor license to November 7, because of "sympathy for the employees of the Rockbar who will be impacted by this decision," he writes, and also recognizing "the high likelihood that Licensee will appeal this Decision and Order."

But the dance cabaret license, which allows live entertainment, expires effective immediately. "The health, safety and welfare of the neighborhood are still of tremendous concern and must weigh heavily in finding a temporary balance," says Downey.

Responds Morreale: Oh, and so people can't dance? Because of the 'health, safety and welfare of the neighborhood'? Seriously, are we living in a scene from Footloose?

We'll have more from Morreale and Downey later this week. In the meantime, here's Downey's official decision:

Rockbar Final Decision and Order

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