CityGrille gets a crash course

Those "Best Burger" banners over CityGrille, at 321 East Colfax Avenue, got plenty of play last week when TV newscasts reported on a Colfax car accident November 24 that sent a car careening into the doorway. The bar/burger joint had to close for the night to assess the damage, but it reopened the next day little worse for wear -- except for some telltale cracks in the stucco to the left of the door.

The damage was nowhere near as drastic as what happened when a car crashed into Pho 7 a few weeks earlier, as Jason Sheehan reported here. And CityGrille also emerged relatively unscathed from Sheehan's visit to the place three days before the Colfax accident.


He'd gone to re-review CityGrille for his November 27 Second Helping, as a companion to his review of The Counter and Five Guys Burgers and Fries. And although he still gives CityGrille a "nuh-uh" for its best burger claims, he can endorse unconditionally the fries and green chile -- especially when consumed together.

With a couple of fingers of top-shelf whiskey. No sidecar.



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