Civic Center Eats Kickoff Pushed to Thursday

What can stop a convoy of thirty trucks on a mission to serve food to hundreds of hungry lunch-goers? An overcast day with the threat of thunderstorms. The 2015 incarnation of Civic Center Eats in Civic Center Park was supposed to kick off today at 11 a.m., but leave it to Colorado weather to spoil the party. The Civic Center Conservancy, which produces the twice-weekly food truck corral, canceled the start to the 2015 season, rescheduling it for Thursday, May 7 (at its usual 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. slot) when the weather is supposed to be, well, cool and rainy.

Civic Center Eats is entering its tenth year serving mobile eats downtown, but this is the earliest the Conservancy has attempted to start the season — two weeks earlier than last year.  Programming and events director Eric Lazzari says that this is the biggest year ever, in both the number of vendors and the length of the season. When Civic Center Eats launched in 2005, it was held once a week, with food, drinks and desserts from about fifteen vendors.  Over the years, a second day was added and this year there are 31 trucks and trailers represented on each of the two days, with only five vendors that serve on both days — for a total of 55 vendors each week. Lazzari adds that the Conservancy keeps a close eye on the weather forecast and cancels the event if there is potential lightning or storm danger to vendors or attendees. 

Vendor slots were claimed early (the application deadline was March 3) and many had to be turned down, but the Conservancy maintains a drop-in vendor list, so all hope is not lost for those trying to get in on this summer's action. A complete list of this year's vendors (and the drop-in submission form) can be found on the Civic Center Eats 2015 website. The Civic Center Conservancy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to maintaining and improving Civic Center Park and getting more people to come and enjoy the park's history and events.

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