Civic Center Eats: Sweet Revenge cookies

Tom Eschino used to work as a medical marketer. He would send his homemade cookies to doctors as a thank-you for their business, but things turned sour when he was laid off last year. Eschino says the cookies were partly to blame -- the company claimed he put in too much kitchen time and not enough marketing, even though they'd liked his baked incentives.

After he lost his job, Eschino's wife told him to try marketing his cookies to the public. "It'll be sweet revenge on your boss," he remembers her saying.

His cookie company, Sweet Revenge, today offers eleven flavors, mostly classics (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, M&M's) with a couple of surprises (chocolate cherry chip, chocolate coconut). Eschino is selling them at Civic Center Eats, the Tuesday lunch-time market in Civic Center; he and his parents, Bob and Brenda, also run booths at markets in Greenwood Village on Thursdays, Cherry Creek on Saturdays and Stapleton on Sundays.

"I certainly enjoy it," Eschino says. And his customers seem to as well, based on the mumbled exclamations from sampling passersby at last Tuesday's Civic Center Eats. The cookies are his own recipe, and Eschino thinks his heritage has everything to do with his baking success. "If you're Italian and you can't cook," he points out, "they don't let you stay Italian."

Sweet Revenge does not have a permanent home or a web site (www.sweetrevengecookies.com), but if you have a special cookie-baking request, the company can be reached at 303-667-1539 or at tom@sweetrevengecookies.com. Or, of course, you can find Eschino at today's market in Civic Center.

See you there.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.