Civic Center Eats: Wee Bites Malaysian snacks

Today, amid the familiar tastes at Civic Center Eats, you'll also find Karen Wee Lin Beckman and her Wee Bites Malaysian snack food. Beckman arrived in Denver via Australia, where she spent ten years, after being born and raised in Malaysia. "Of all the flavors I've tasted, I still think Malaysian food is the best," she says.

At Wee Bites, her specialty is the curry puff, a half-moon packet of golden pastry stuffed with potatoes, chicken, boiled egg and curry sauce; there's a vegetarian puff with carrot and bean curd, too. Beckman also grills satay, skewers of beef or chicken, and cooks up both steamed and fried dumplings. Her sweet offerings include a cinnamon-flavored pineapple tart and miniature crepes and steamed coconut milk cakes.

The most expensive item is the curry puff, for $1.75 for a curry. As a reader noted last week, that's crazy-cheap at the Civic Center market, even if every bite at Wee Bites is pocket-sized.

Beckman has been cooking since she was twelve, and says she started dreaming of becoming a professional chef at twenty. She took a more practical career path, however, and worked as an account manager for a group travel company for a decade before starting Wee Bites last year. You can find a menu and contact information for catering on the Wee Bites web site.

Read about Crepes at the Cowboy Cart, last week's featured booth, right here; find out more about Civic Center Eats here. The market opens at noon today, and runs until 2 p.m.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.