Civic Center Eats: Yo's Cheesesteaks

Civic Center Eats: Yo's Cheesesteaks

Nick Wrona is no stranger to the spatula. He grills cheesesteaks out of a truck these days, but he was the original executive chef at the Berkshire in Stapleton, then experimented with a crepe cart before settling on cheesesteaks six months ago. "I like this. I want to stick with this," he says.

Wrona offers a standard take on the Philly classic: beef, onions and either American or provolone cheese whiz.

He used to set up in LoDo for the late-night crowd, but things occasionally got ugly, and Wrona didn't feel comfortable handling money in that environment. So these days, he sticks to markets and festivals.

He also has his eye on a space on Colfax where he could set up permanently. "I just need to sell a lot of cheesesteaks to get it," he says.

Read about Wee Bites Malaysian Snacks, last week's featured booth, right here; find out more about Civic Center Eats here. It runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Tuesday.


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