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At the counter, they make PB&J sandwiches, paninis (which I have never loved) and a breakfast burrito with eggs, fried potatoes, cheese, bacon, scratch-made salsa and green chile that's also put through the sandwich press -- the first good application of a sandwich press I've seen.

The stock in the bakery case changes every day, and sometimes it's great, sometimes not. The chocolate brownies always seem to be as hard as bricks and could be used to patch the holes in the walls. But the "monkey balls" -- peanut butter balls topped with chocolate and cored with Rice Krispies -- are delicious. I've also had excellent, moist, sour-sweet pumpkin bread and haystack cookies just like Grandma used to make. (Not my grandma, necessarily, but I'm sure they're just like someone's grandma's.)

Finally, there's the coffee at this coffeehouse. According to the menu, Monkey Bean offers roughly 2,000 derivations of the standard cup -- and that's not counting the hot tea, cold tea, bubble tea, fruit juices, elixirs, weird things served out of pump bottles behind the counter and the ice-cream drinks. Costello and Rosewater get their beans from a small-batch roaster in Seattle called Tony's Coffee, and they're killers. Two large joes, straight up, and I couldn't blink for three hours.

And when you get right down to it, if the coffee at a coffeehouse is the last good reason you have for going there, you know you've probably found a good one.

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