Coin Style Margarita at El Camino

Think Highland is changing? You've got another think comin'. The owners of what had been Swimclub 32 are sure that their new concept for the space, El Camino, is exactly what the neighborhood wants — and needs. El Camino's kick-back sports-bar feel seems a million miles and many dollars away from the slick and spendy Swimclub. They've kept the original bar made of Colorado river rocks and added another fixture: beer-can chandeliers. One of the owners' fathers had a beer-can collection spanning thirty years, and using the old cans as a design element is inspired. Also inspired are the claims that El Camino is 100 percent powered by wind; recycles all bottles, cans and papers; and uses 100 percent eco-products. Even in the cocktails. Matt, our witty and welcoming bartender, suggested a Coin Style Margarita ($7.95), made with Herradura Silver, Cointreau and lime juice. The drink was good, if not exceptional — but Matt rose above any limitations. When he overheard us dishing on recent events, he asked, "If you're going to gossip, can you please talk a little louder?" And when a great song began playing, he said, "Hey, ya wouldn't have heard Judas Priest at Swimclub." Funny bartender, an environmental conscience, margaritas and heavy metal? Sounds like a winning combination.

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