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Reader: We Don't Want to Lose More...Let Restaurants Reopen!

Reader: We Don't Want to Lose More...Let Restaurants Reopen!
Danielle Lirette
The coronavirus pandemic continues to claim business as well as human casualties. In some cases, restaurants and bars have decided that they can't afford to reopen. In others, such as that of The Market and 20th Street Cafe, the response to COVID-19 just moved up plans for retirement.

That's the case with La Cour, the seven-year-old French bistro and jazz club at 1643 South Broadway, which will not reopen. Partners Janet Poth and Joseph Monley, who both turn 65 later this year, had plans to retire at some point, but after the pandemic hit, they decided it would be sooner than later.

“We were both finally very confident in how the venue was doing,” Poth says. “We were thinking, you know, it's such a good roll, to do one more year or do we not? So we were going back and forth on whether it would be 2021 or the end of 2020. But at some point, it had to happen.”

La Cour will be missed. Says Cindi: 
Such a cute place! Awesome for them to retire! Good for them!!!
Asks Laney:
 I wonder what will take its place?
Responds Bryce:
 They’re hoping some young talent will come in and take over. 
Notes Loren:
Restaurants run on such thin margins that something like the government shutting everything down makes it hard to survive. A couple of them out by me have called it quits, too.
Adds Sue: 
We don't want to lose any more. Let restaurants reopen!
Suggests Daryl: 
They should offer outside seating and open windows and doors to start. We are in no better position than two months ago. No cure, no test, and honestly they don't know how to stop it. There will be losses but it's time to move forward. Those that want to stay home should do that.
Replies Gregory: 
We are losing a huge chunk of private, small business restaurants and shops. The real estate market will be flooded with available stores and warehouses that no one but big corporations and the marijuana businesses will be able to afford.
Comments Rick: 
Small spaces will close for good, and larger spots will have to cut back by removing a lot of table space.... They can't survive with commercial rents so high. Food trucks and spots that can have large outdoor seatings will make it...until winter. Then what?
And Wes concludes:
I think of Star Wars and the wise Yoda. Do or do not, there is no try.... Quit hanging the carrot in front of us with a date to open back up, only to take it away...sorry not now, you’ve been bad and we won’t let you open. You’ll have to wait till you can’t afford to...oh wait...that’s what we want to happen.
Governor Jared Polis has said that he'll analyze data from the first weeks of the safer-at-home program, then announce as soon as May 25 when restaurants and bars can reopen, and under what guidelines.

What would you like those guidelines to be? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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