Reader: Hipsters Gentrifying a Low-Rent Neighborhood? Who Knew?

Reader: Hipsters Gentrifying a Low-Rent Neighborhood? Who Knew?
Jonathan Shikes
Can Denver ever have too many craft breweries? Not judging from the number of places that keep opening and others announcing plans to open, including Woods Boss Brewing, which will debut this month at 2210 California Street. But while fans applaud the concept of more breweries, some don't appreciate the areas where they're opening, including Woods Boss's location at the edge of Five Points. Says Nicole:
Good lord. What has happened to the old, bluesy culture Denver used to offer. Five Points was so culturally diverse; now it's all gentrified. Please bring back real people! Ugh. Hipsters = the new trendy for yuppies. So sad!
Responds Robert:
 Wait a second, Hipsters gentrifying a previously low-rent neighborhood with a quirky, rustic-themed brewery? That's never happened before.
And Tawasi says simply: 
Gentrification is ugly.
But then there's this response to our report on Local(ish), a spot right by Union Station that features Colorado craft beers. Says Colin:  
This idea of Denver being the Wild West is as authentic as the concept of "Irishness" slapped on cardboard pubs like the shuttered Katie Mullen's and such. The future of the city looks better with a cosmopolitan outlook (think Vancouver and Seattle), rather than a backwards-looking fondness to dubiously-connected rustic history.
 Do you want Denver to look more cosmopolitan? Or do you miss the "old, bluesy culture"? Here are our stories about these ventures, as well as some other recent craft-beer coverage:

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