Eight Limited-Release Bottles of Booze to Grab Before They're Gone

Ballmer Peak Distillery's Hogo-Minimus Dunder Rum.
Ballmer Peak Distillery's Hogo-Minimus Dunder Rum. Austin Adamson
While we have been at home busily sampling all the great spirits made in Colorado, a handful of distilleries have been toiling at the stills to make some new and exciting liquor. Many of these are limited bottlings, so once they sell out, they're gone forever. Here are eight new and rare spirits from nearby distilleries: Grab one — or one of each — as soon as possible.

Ballmer Peak Distillery Hogo-Minimus Dunder Rum
12347 West Alameda Parkway, Lakewood

This small Lakewood distillery has attracted a solid following of loyal fans, enough to buy out the Ballmer Peak anniversary whiskey within three days of release earlier this year. However, distiller/co-owner Austin Adamson and co-owner Eric Storm have a couple of other one-off bottles for sale. First is the $45 bottle of Hogo-Minimus Dunder Rum, a sweet and tantalizing rum matured for one year on charred American white oak. It also was made with, as Adamson says, "House cultivated muck, a portion of the dunder liquid from our first runs of rum, collected wild acids and developed esters, which results in more complexities." The team only made 46 bottles of this brown spirit that will appeal to fans of funky Jamaican rums, so don't expect it to sit around for long. Also available is the Summer 2020 Whiskey, a single-malt aged on peach, cherry and oak wood for 163 days. This special whiskey also benefits the United States Bartenders Guild's National Charity Foundation to help struggling service-industry professionals, so $2 from every $37 bottle sold will be donated. Both are available only at the distillery.
click to enlarge Batch one of The Block Distilling Co.'s bourbon, and now the distillery is on number two. - ELLIE NONEMACHER
Batch one of The Block Distilling Co.'s bourbon, and now the distillery is on number two.
Ellie Nonemacher
The Block Distilling Co. Straight Bourbon Batch No. 2
2990 Larimer Street

The Block's second batch of straight bourbon hasn't sold out yet, but bottles are going fast, so don't hesitate if you want to score one. This iteration was aged in Canton Cooperage 52-gallon American white oak barrels for two years. Unlike most bourbons, which use just one type of corn, this whiskey includes yellow, red and blue corn, as well as millet and barley. The overall profile is sweet and smooth, with flavors of burnt honey, vanilla and a touch of caramel. Reserve one now for pick-up; there's a 375-milliliter bottle for $35 and a 750-milliliter for $68.

Denver Distillery Four-Grain Bourbon
244 South Broadway

This Baker neighborhood distillery usually churns out rum and flavored spirits (think apple pie and pumpkin spice), but now it has released a four-grain bourbon using barley, oats, rye and house-milled malted corn. The whiskey was fermented in a 150-gallon, open-air cypress barrel, and Belgian Saison beer yeast was used to get it going. After the fermentation, the liquor was double-distilled in the copper-pot still before aging for two and a half years in new American oak barrels. It's a whirlwind of flavors with notes of caramel, toffee, cherry, dark chocolate and hints of vanilla. Try it yourself for $50 a bottle, which you can order to pick up at the distillery or have delivered.
click to enlarge Peppermint Mocha Whiskey is the newest thing by Deviation Distilling. - DEVIATION DISTILLING
Peppermint Mocha Whiskey is the newest thing by Deviation Distilling.
Deviation Distilling

Deviation Distilling Peppermint Mocha Whiskey
900 West First Avenue

This is the season for all things peppermint, so it's the perfect time to add some locally made peppermint-infused booze to your home bar. Deviation's Peppermint Mocha Whiskey is only available at the distillery for $33 a bottle, and it won't be around much longer. This is the distillery's homage to the magic work of not elves, but baristas, created by mixing rich Brazilian coffee beans, chocolate, whiskey and old-fashioned peppermint candy. It's a refreshing tipple with a caffeine boost that will have you singing Christmas carols for the rest of 2020.

Dry Land Distillers Straight Whiskey
471 Main Street (alley entrance), Longmont

"It's our first straight whiskey, made with the oldest wheat in North America, bottled after two years in a new charred American oak barrel," says owner/distiller Nels Wroe. "The additional time in the barrel brings out vanilla, brown sugar and caramel notes, which highlight the natural fruity sweetness and subtle spices." The overall finish of this one-off whiskey is smooth, with a luscious mouthfeel. Wroe says only a few bottles are left, at $79 for a 750-ml bottle or $43 for a 375-ml mini. Visit the Longmont distillery to pick up this unique spirit.
click to enlarge Atticus Jones Rye is on batch number two, and it won't be available from the Family Jones for long. - THE FAMILY JONES
Atticus Jones Rye is on batch number two, and it won't be available from the Family Jones for long.
The Family Jones
The Family Jones Atticus Jones Rye
3245 Osage Street

Last year the first batch of Atticus Jones hit the shelves and sold out in six weeks. This iteration comes with the help of farmers at Colorado Stock and Grain, Root Shoot Malting and the Whiskey Sisters, who all lent a hand to create a dark cherry, dried apricot, molasses and clove-tinged whiskey that tastes like winter nights spent around a cozy fire. Don't miss round two of head distiller Rob Masters's newest rendition of the stuff, which can be yours for $49 a bottle. This smooth and slightly spicy whiskey is available at the Family Jones Spirit House in LoHi.
A fine port-cask finished whiskey now available from Laws Whiskey House. - LAWS WHISKEY HOUSE
A fine port-cask finished whiskey now available from Laws Whiskey House.
Laws Whiskey House
Laws Whiskey House Ruby Port Cask-Finished Bourbon
1420 South Acoma Street

A light-reddish hue helps make this limited-edition bourbon look merry, and drinking the smooth, slightly sweet and dried-fruit-tinged whiskey will certainly make you feel cheery. This is the latest in the Laws Experiential Barrel Series, and it was aged more than three years in new charred American oak and then finished for two years in French oak casks previously filled with Portuguese ruby port. The base is the same four-grain mash that's used for the flagship whiskey, but the there's a notable flavor change after the unique aging. Find a bottle of this bourbon for $75 in many liquor shops around town, and remember: Once it's sold out, there won't be another quite like it.
click to enlarge Stranahan's Mountain Angel 10 Year Old is the rarest whiskey one can buy at the distillery right now. - STRANAHAN'S
Stranahan's Mountain Angel 10 Year Old is the rarest whiskey one can buy at the distillery right now.
Stranahan's Mountain Angel 10 Year Old
200 South Kalamath Street

In the last couple years, this south Denver distillery has bottled more new whiskeys than in the past, and this single-malt is the latest and among its elite. Yes, that's even compared to Snowflake, the yearly whiskey that has a cult-following and sells out every year on the day it's released. There are slightly fewer than 500 Mountain Angel bottles in the batch, mainly because the aging barrels saw a loss of about 80 percent of their contents (the angels now have hangovers as a result) after ten years resting in Colorado's arid climate. Because of this evaporation, the remaining liquid took on a strong oaky backbone and smoothed out into a beautiful aged whiskey that's on par with Scotland's finest. For $129.99 a bottle, give yourself or a loved one a superb taste of Colorado; it is, after all, not only made with local spring water, but used only Rocky Mountain-grown barley. Note: We told you these spirits might go quickly; Mountain Angel is now sold out.
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