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Colorado Egg Producers make an egg-celent gesture

One in eight Coloradoans will struggle to put food on the table this holiday season, and 99 percent of food banks in the state have reported an enormous surge in the need for emergency assistance.

Kudos, then, to the Colorado Egg Producers, whose Good Egg Project is lending a helping hand to Food Bank of the Rockies and the Weld Food Bank. This Saturday, November 21, the CEP will donate over 100,000 eggs to people scheduled to receive USDA food boxes at both food banks. Howard Helmer, the Guinness World Record Books' fastest omelet maker ever, will also be teaching omelet workshops to those interested in learning how easy omelet cooking can be. And homeboy knows what he's talking about: He made 427 omelets in thirty minutes to claim his record.

Their mission is to remind people that eggs are inexpensive and highly nutritious -- an indispensable food source for those facing economic hardship. "The nutritional value of eggs is often overlooked. As local egg farmers, it's our goal to educate Coloradans about how healthy and cost-effective eggs are," explains Derek Yancey, a Colorado egg producer. "Weighing in at a mere 75 calories a piece, eggs are a powerhouse of nutrition for their size and calorie content. Each egg has 13 essential nutrients -- including the highest quality protein, choline, folate, iron and zinc," she says. "Not only are eggs a great source of nutrition, but they work well for families on any size budget."

This isn't the first time the Egg Producers have come to the rescue. "The Colorado Egg Producers have been very generous," says Janie Gianotsos of Food Bank of the Rockies. "Last Easter, we received a large egg donation, they came and cooked omelets, and they brought the Easter Bunny to visit with children from one of our agencies."

While Saturday's event is not open to the general public, you can do your part in helping out the food banks by donating food or money.

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