Reader: Colorado Is Just an Overpriced Six-Pack

Reader: Colorado Is Just an Overpriced Six-Pack
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Can there ever be too much beer? Not on Super Bowl Sunday, when bars across Denver will be overflowing with sports fans soaking up suds. In fact, all of February is a big beer month: Not only is it pre-loaded with the beer-friendly holidays of Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day (or Anti-Valentine's Day, as the case may be), but it's also Stout Month, a 25-year-old tradition. Still, readers worry that if Denver's dining scene is overloaded, Denver's craft-beer scene is swamped. Says Christopher:

 How many restaurants does Denver need? I think it's hit a saturation point. As well as breweries.  

Adds Ed:

The whole brewery fad is getting out of hand. I look forward to the overcrowded market implosion that is destined to come soon. 

Comments Randy: 

Brewery here, dispensary there: It's almost like people can't stand living in Colorado sober. 

Says JP: 

Colorado used to be unique; now it’s just an overpriced six-pack.

 Concludes René: 

Enough!! I love breweries, but there so many already.

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Reader: Colorado Is Just an Overpriced Six-Pack
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Reader: Colorado Is Just an Overpriced Six-Pack
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Reader: Colorado Is Just an Overpriced Six-Pack

"The Beermuda Triangle, Part One: The Beer Depot Lures the Unwary"

While Denver is awash in craft-beer breweries, the number isn't as stunning if you consider that those joints have taken the place of many of the neighborhood bars you used to find around this city. Neighborhood bars like the Beer Depot at 4231 West 38th Avenue, which we profile this week.

The Beer Depot is one of three bars that form the Berkeley neighborhood's "Beermuda Triangle" between West 38th Avenue and Tennyson Street. If you walk in a straight (or mostly straight, depending on how many beers you've had) line from the Beer Depot to Tennyson’s Tap and from there to the Berkeley Inn (as many neighborhood residents do), your path forms a triangle.

Like sailors and pilots entering the original Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean, Sarah McGill reports, people who venture into Berkeley's Beermuda Triangle are easily sucked in — and might never come out. But, of course, drinkers in that neighborhood also have the option of stopping by a craft brewery...or two, or three.

What do you think of Denver's craft-beer scene? Is it saturated? Leave a comment or send an email to cafe@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.