Colorado's highest-altitude brewery closes

Colorado's highest-altitude brewery, Rosie's Brewpub in Leadville, has served its last pint as of May 30, according to its website.

"Unfortunately with the economy, we here at Rosie's Brewpub must close our doors. This past winter has impacted us in the worst way possible. Thanks to the many that did patronize our brewpub," reads the post. A phone message advises creditors and collection agencies to call Rosie's attorney in Aurora.

The four-year-old pub was owned by Rosemary and Gary Yonocsko, who left their previous professions to follow their dream, according to the website.

The pub served beers like Mineral Belt Pale Ale, Aggie's Amber, Ragged Ass Miner's Stout and Mount Massive Malt Liquor, which at 7.1 percent alcohol by volume must have backed a wallop to anyone drinking it at 10,150 feet above sea level.

Rosie's is the second small beer maker to go under in the past few weeks. The seven-year-old Arctic Craft Brewery in Colorado Springs closed its doors in May amidst a dispute between its partners.

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