Colt & Gray Denver Restaurant Week dessert: Brioche bread pudding

We've been eating our share of prix fixe menus over the last week, partaking in our share of Denver Restaurant Week (or Denver Restaurant Half Month, as TAG chef de cuisine Jensen Cummings calls it). And while some of what we've eaten has been entirely underwhelming -- and has made us excited for a return to business as usual -- we've also sampled a few plates that we hope stick around on menus once these two weeks are up.

Take, for example, this dessert from Colt & Gray.

This moist, spongey brioche bread pudding is speckled with mincemeat spices like cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon, then caramelized on top to give it a satisfying crunch that gives way to creaminess. It's supplemented with a cannelle of housemade stout ice cream, kissed with malt and cocoa notes, and plated over a smear of sweet, earthy raisin puree. It was a delightful end to a set menu that also includes beef tongue salad and salmon pot pie.

We hope the kitchen at least considers putting this on the list permanently, but right now, like the rest of what Colt & Gray is offering for Restaurant Week, the dessert's only guaranteed until Friday night, when DRW is officially over.

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