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Coming soon: From the owner of Park Burger, a new American bar and burger place in the former Bump & Grind space

When Bump and Grind, the Uptown breakfast and lunch joint best known for its wickedly crass drag queens who made weekend brunch worth the early rise, shuttered at the end of 2009, you could hear the collective cries of anguish all over the city. There was nothing -- absolutely nothing -- more brilliant than Bump and Grind's Petticoat Bruncheon.

Except maybe burgers, specifically Park Burger burgers. Yep, Jean-Philippe Failyau, Frank Bonanno's partner at Osteria Marco and owner of Park Burger, 1890 South Pearl Street, has snapped up the space, which will soon become Park and Co.

"I love that stretch of Seventeenth Avenue, especially late-night when it really comes alive" says Failyau, who tells me that the "concept will be an American bar with some signature burgers from Park Burger." Plus, he says, "we'll have a great happy hour, Shuffleboard and Foosball and a huge patio."

If everything goes according to plan, Park and Co., located at 439 East 17th Avenue, will open in June, the ideal month for soaking up the sun's golden rays from a kick-ass patio.

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Lori Midson
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