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Coming soon to South Federal Boulevard: Tacos El Fogoncito

Just what South Federal Boulevard needs: Another godforsaken taqueria. No, I'm serious, because if you ever read this space, then you know by now that the whole reason why I was born was to eat and breathe tacos, that my documented unwholesome addiction to carnitas, barbacoa and al pastor is going to most certainly kill me (but only because I quit smoking), and when it does, my coffin, if anyone springs for one, will not be made from gold or wood or fiberglass or plastic, but of lard. So, yeah, when I see a sign for another taco joint, especially one on Federal, which is the best street in Denver for tacos, I pretty much want to pee my pants.

Which I somehow refrained from doing when I saw that Taco El Fogoncito is opening at 1145 South Federal, right next door to Paleteria Chihuahua, a shrine to Mexican ice cream and just one block north of Tacos Y Salsas -- the one with the drive-thru at 1201 South Federal Boulevard and three blocks south of the other Tacos Y Salsas at  910 South Federal.

As I said, a new taqueria is exactly what the Boulevard needs.
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Lori Midson
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