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Comment of the Day: You have no honour, you depraved morons!

The comments posted on the Cafe Society blog always provide plenty of food for thought, even when they're not particularly warm or fuzzy or supportive.

And sometimes a reader will leave a real gem -- a work of literary genius or a head-scratcher or something that just makes us burst out laughing. These gems deserve a post where they can shine all on their own.

And so we're introducing our Comment of the Day feature.

Today, all honors go to ivan shadowsong rahl, who left some criticism for our video of Sik Gaek's live octopus hot pot.

Here's what ivan shadowsong rahl had to say:

go fuck yourselves, you depraved morons. If I were there, you would all be dead, you sick fucks. you have no honour to make animals suffer like this. and to anon. pussy: the octopus and animals did try to escape- YOUr sick fuckers pushed em back in and they are so small compared to our size and can't fight back, you dumbo! If I were there, it will be all you who burn.

Just to be clear, we don't torture animals for sport around here. But well played, ivan shadowsong rahl. We're pretty sure your semi-incoherent post threatened us with death because we ate a meal and then reported on it. Which, you know, is just doing our job.

As for calling us "depraved," don't throw stones if you live in a glass house.

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