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Reader: Soon All We Will Have in Denver Are Subpar Chains

Common Grounds has gone to ground.
Common Grounds has gone to ground. Mark Antonation
After almost three decades and five locations, Common Grounds has poured its last cup of coffee. Owners (and mother-daughter duo) Mary and Lisa Rogers had opened the first spot in West Highland, and over the years it became a neighborhood gathering spot, community center and political rallying grounds for the likes of Jerry Brown, Hillary Clinton and, more recently, Denver City Councilwoman Amanda Sandoval.

But now they've closed the last spot, at 2139 West 44th Avenue in Sunnyside, which had been home to the coffee shop since 2013. And readers already miss the place.

Says Katie: 
Adds Michael: 
 Have enjoyed four locations over the years. Always genuine smiles and “local” service, that’ll be missed.
Comments Lara:
So sad! We’ve loved this coffee shop for almost twenty years.
Counters Logan: 
One of Denver’s many subpar coffee shops.
Replies Jill: 
Sad to see another local business close up. Soon all we will have in Denver metro are subpar chains.
Concludes Stephanie: 
Disappearing Denver. 
In addition to the Highland and Sunnyside locations, the owners had operated a downtown Common Grounds from 1999 to 2017, as well as a short-lived outpost in the town of Crestone in the mid-’90s.

Which Common Grounds did you frequent? What's your favorite coffeehouse in town right now? Post a comment or send your thoughts to [email protected]
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