Congress Park will get its Tavern

The call came yesterday: The Denver Department of Excise and License has approved the liquor license for the Tavern Hospitality Group's project at the Lowenstein, in the space that had been occupied by Neighborhood Flix.

THG's Frank Schultz had gone through a series of neighborhood meetings before the postponed hearing was finally held November 23. By then, he had an agreement in place with four neighborhood groups, which stipulates when outside speakers will be turned off, deals with parking issues, and limits occupancy. But as sticky as all those discussions were, now the real work begins.

And not just on Colfax. THG is also planning another Tavern, on Main Street in Littleton, one more in keeping with the direction the company has been taking lately. "Smaller, neighborhood kind of things," Schultz explains. "Like the Tavern Wash Park."

In contrast, the Lowenstein project is massive. The 100-seat Tavern Congress Park is just the start of it; the Flix theaters will be combined into one big venue where THG will book private events and also shows, "more adult contemporary stuff," Schultz says. "We'll put a lot into the sound, make it Soiled Doveish."

He estimates that it could be a year to eighteen months before the project is done. "It's going to take time to build this," he notes. But first, he'll need to close on the space December 18.

With a liquor license in hand.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.