Construction starts to turn Longo's Subway into a TAG Burger Bar

Construction has started on the former Subway Tavern, which the Larimer Group bought after the family that owned the spot -- reputed to be the first place in Denver to serve pizza -- put it on the block. The Longos sold the place in September 2012, after running the restaurant for 52 years. The century old storefront -- or what remains of it -- is now being turned into a second TAG Burger Bar. See also: Red alert! Denver's old-school Italian joints are disappearing News of the change inspired this from tooecman:

I moved away from Denver 7 years ago. Now i live in Belen, NM.

There is no variety in restaurants here. They serve fast food and New Mexican food down here. They have Pizza joints here but they aren't real Italians. If you want Italian food, it should be prepared by an Italian. I am going home to visit in a few months and I was telling my friend who is going with me. You haven't had pizza, caIzones, a cold pitcher of beer, or etc.... Subway Tavern And Pizzeria Longo off of Lipan and 38th was a little bit of heaven.

I have been to all the other Italian places in Denver and they are really good, too. Subway was my favorite of them all. I always felt it was home away from home. Broke my heart finding out that they have closed. Been going there as as long as i can remember. I may have been one of it's first customers as an infant when mom took the family there. I can remember being 4 or 5 and having my first canole. Heaven!

Now i am 52 years old and the closest I will get to heaven is only if I die. I don't know why they closed but I feel a part of me has been amputated. All I have now is those memories and trust me not even that is hanging around much these days. So I would like to say farewell. Thanks for the memories.

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