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Contest: Eat and drink for free at the season's first Justice League party on Saturday, May 19

Last October, after the Justice League of Street Food, a confederation of food trucks that pioneered the city's love of pavement grub, held its final street food bash at TAXI, there were rumblings that this could be the end for the Justice League. "We haven't made any decision about whether we're going to continue next year," said Delores Tronco, who organized the gatherings. "It's been a great year; we've had an absolute ball. We're trying to determine if the group has a future, if it will disappear and be reincarnated...or just disappear."

The Justice League is not disappearing.

"The Justice League of Street Food is back for its third year of urban feasting, and the group is more determined than ever to maintain the edge they've always had," says Andra Zeppelin, who handles the public relations for the Justice League. "Thankfully, the Justice League didn't disband, and this year we're having five rocking parties, ten trucks, lots of surprises and the parties will be held in different locations across the city."

And the first feast will be this Saturday from 5 to 10 p.m. at TAXI, 3507 Ringsby Court, where eight permanent trucks -- Biker Jim, Sully's Slice Truck, Pinche Tacos, Denver Cupcake Truck, Steuben's, Stick It to Me, Quiero Arepas and the Biscuit Bus -- will be joined by two guest trucks, Manna from Heaven and Mestizos. "Quiero Arepas is now in the fraternity permanently, but every gathering will feature two guest trucks to keep the offerings fresh and interesting," says Zeppelin, adding that Saturday's soiree will tout a classic old-school rap theme. "Expect a live graffiti art performance, live musicians and some dance moments that will make you want to drag out your MC Hammer pants."

But while this party is at TAXI, the remaining bashes, which take place on Saturday, June 30; Saturday, September 2; Sunday, October 13 and one more date that hasn't been solidified, will unfurl at different locations. "We know people think they have us figured out, but the Justice League is going back to its urban, gritty edge and the different themes and locations will definitely add to that idea," promises Tronco, who's taken a step back from her primary organizational role to pass the torch to her boyfriend, Tony Maciag.

Additional locations will be announced on Facebook and Twitter two days before each party.

But you can get a first taste on Saturday -- for free -- because we're giving one Cafe Society reader the opportunity to eat and drink without spending a dime. All you have to do to win is answer the following question correctly, without going over: How many bánh mì did Manna from Heaven serve between May 1 and May 13?

Leave your guesses in the comment section below, and we'll announce the winner on Friday morning.

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