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Contest: Name Larkburger's new customer loyalty program and win a $75 gift card

Larkburger, the Colorado-based, fast-casual burger utopia, is asking its fans to help name its new customer loyalty program, a program that will reward burger hounds with discounts, perks and Larkburger schwag based on frequency of visits and milestones, in addition to anniversary gifts and longevity bonuses.

"Who better to name our new loyalty program than those who know Larkburger best - our guests," says Larkburger president Adam Baker. "We're looking for a name that speaks to Larkburger's dedication to the art of making delicious burgers and food, delighting our guests with a fun dining experience and being Colorado proud," he adds.

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There's currently a contest running on Larkburger's Facebook page inviting witty, pithy wordsmiths to submit names for the loyalty program, and should one of those Facebook commenters come up with the name that's chosen by a panel of judges -- and the popular vote -- that person will win a $50 Larkburger gift card, not to mention eternal bragging rights.

Of course, we have our beef in this business, too, so we're hosting a contest in conjunction with Larkburger for Cafe Society commenters. Here's how it will work: If the winning name submission comes from the mouth of a Cafe Society commenter, then they'll get lifelong bragging rights AND a $75 Larkburger gift card. That's a lot of burgers and truffled-Parmesan fries, people.

If you think you have a knack for clever jargon, please submit those words, along with your name and a valid e-mail address (if you're already registered with MyVoiceNation, then we have your e-mail; if you're not, then we don't, and without an e-mail address, you can't win) in the comments section below. If the crew from Larkburger chooses a Westword commenter submission, then you'll win the $75 gift card.

We'll run the contest over the next several days and announce the winner -- either from Westword or Facebook -- on November 15.

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