Cordova's Original Recipes moves into MVP's Sports Bar & Grill

Many of Stella Cordova's dozens of grandchildren have attempted to capitalize on the matriarch's iconic recipes introduced at the original Chubby's on West 38th Avenue, creating spin-offs all over the city. And while none of them can use the Chubby's name -- one of the grandkids landed a federal trademark to protect it -- they all claim to make thick, gravy-like green chile that's identical to the stuff made by Stella herself.

One of those eateries is Cordova's Original Recipes, opened by grandson Alex Cordova in the Fuego Fuego nightclub in Aurora.

From a corner of that cavernous space, he's hawked his version of that famous green chile in burritos and grilled cheese sandwiches, and smothering platters of fries. But now he's moved and expanded his operation, taking over the kitchen at MVP's Sports Bar & Grill.

"I leased the whole kitchen," he says. "It's a family sports bar where everyone seems to know each other. It's a real neat environment."

And though he's still doing business as Cordova's Original Recipes, Cordova has also introduced bar fare on his menu. "I'm doing the same thing as Chubby's, but I've added some sandwiches like a Reuben, and I've evened the menu out toward the American side," he explains. He's also serving patty melts, pastrami and fish and chips.

Cordova notes that he not only liked this facility better, but he was attracted by the bar's dart tournaments and involvement with Bikers Against Child Abuse. "It's been a good move for me," he says.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.