The writing's on the wall at the Corner Office.
The writing's on the wall at the Corner Office.

Corner Office corners the market on hip restaurant art

The rubber-band installation in the back room of the Corner Office, 1401 Curtis Street, snapped a while ago, but its been replaced with a far cooler piece of art: a mural created by renowned graffiti artists David Villorente and Robert Cartwright, who created New York street art under the name "Survive185" but is now a hotelier.

In fact, Cartwright is the general manager of the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago, one of the hotels managed by Denver-based Sage Hospitality Resources, which owns the Curtis, home to the Corner Office.

Villorente isn't a hotelier, but as "Chino," he's an ambassador of graffiti art who's done work for everything from VH1 to Turner Network Television to Reebok.

The piece they created last Thursday, working in tandem with several local graffiti artists, is now on permanent display in the Oval Office, the space at the back of the Corner Office that serves as a private dining room. The best way to enjoy it? While drinking a Graffiti-tini, the new cocktail created to go with the art.

Here's the recipe for the Corner Office Graffiti-tini:

3 oz. vodka 2 oz melon puree (honeydew melon, mint, fresh squeezed lemon, simple syrup) ½ oz. mint infused simple syrup

Serve up, in a chilled glass.


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