"Cottage food bill" that would allow farmers to sell directly to consumers signed into law

Small produce growers will now be able to sell their products directly to consumers, thanks to a bill signed by Governor John Hickenlooper. Dubbed the "

Local Foods, Local Jobs Act

," the bill exempts home kitchens from certain health inspections. Its purpose is twofold, sponsor Senator Gail Schwartz says: to boost the economy and increase access to healthy food.

The legislation is "so important to the economic success of our small farmers and producers," Schwartz said in a statement, adding, "I encourage everyone to support local producers and your farmers' markets to enjoy Colorado's locally grown goods."

A similar bill that would do the same for Colorado's home bakers has passed the House and been introduced in the Senate, though no votes have taken place there yet. That bill is sponsored by Representative Laura Bradford, whose treatment by Denver police during a potential drunk-driving traffic stop caused an uproar earlier this legislative session.

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