Cracking the Egg Shell on Blake Street

The Jet Entertainment Group may be the busiest boys in chow business. They picked up Nine75 (975 Lincoln Street) right after Jim Sullivan closed it this fall, and reopened it in a matter of days. They're finishing up a project at the Jet Hotel, at 1612 Wazee Street, to make room for XO, a noodle bar. They're opening Pizza Republica in the Landmark Project in Greenwood Village, and have plans for a second pizza joint downtown. They bought the Purple Martini down south, as well as the one in the Tabor Center.

And on New Year's Day, a crew was hard at work converting the former Eggshell -- a breakfast/lunchfixture in LoDo before the area even had the nickname LoDo -- into another restaurant. They picked up the Victorian storefront space at 1520 Blake Street last fall, and last we heard, the working title and concept was "Organic" (not to be confused with Organicity, an offshoot of a Dallas concept operating inside Zen Ultra Lounge -- which should not be confused with Zen Asian Bistro, either).

For the record, the Egg Shell of Cherry Creek, at 300 Josephine Street, is still going strong after more than 25 years. -- Patricia Calhoun

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