Crave Real Burgers rolls out a new menu

The burgers at Crave Real Burgers are monstrous creations, patties stacked so high with other ingredients -- including things like pulled pork, duck and, um, hot dogs -- that sometimes it's hard to find the beef.

This reinvention of the American classic works, though, as I found when I reviewed the Castle Rock spot last fall. As a result, Crave is perpetually packed, and the owners just added a sibling restaurant in Colorado Springs.

That's where the reworked menu made its debut. Crave is ditching a few burgers that haven't been big sellers -- in particular, the hoisin-heavy Dim Sum Daffy and the pastrami-laden New York -- and replacing them with new creations that still fit within the Crave concept. "We wanted to try something different," says Castle Rock store manager Roberto Martinez.

"Different" includes the Campfire (a buffalo patty topped with raspberry barbecue sauce, crispy poblano rings, pepper Jack and coffee-dusted onion strings) and the Not Yo Mama's (a patty covered with crispy tempura, Jarlsburg Swiss, Parmesan, mushrooms and truffle mayonnaise). "We're also adding truffle fries and a chicken sandwich," says Martinez. In all, five new burgers are entering the mix, replacing the five that got the ax.

And if you're one of the hedonists who craves the sinful Luther burger, fear not: The bacon-and-egg-crowned cheeseburger that's sandwiched between a pair of glazed doughnuts is still on the list, for all of your artery-clogging, diabetic-coma-inducing pleasure.

The change has already gone into effect in Colorado Springs; Martinez says that Castle Rock will roll out the new menu tonight.

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