Curtis Park Creamery: a taste of this week's Cafe review

In those sultry, late-August days before I started eating for a living, Westword's former Cafe critics offered advice on how I should handle my new position. Kyle Wagner, now travel editor of the Denver Post, suggested I tell people I'm a pet sitter, because otherwise I'll spend every minute of every cocktail party answering this question: "What's your favorite restaurant?" (She was right.) Laura Shunk, my immediate predecessor, offered equally practical advice: Get an opinion on green chile, and get it fast.

While I'm not going to name my favorite restaurant or the town's best green chile -- not now, at least, though I'll certainly divulge those answers at some point -- I can promise you this: Curtis Park Creamery, a family-owned Mexican takeout joint in a historic neighborhood just northeast of downtown, won't be topping either list.

Still, there are many reasons to join the line of happy customers waiting patiently for their food, and delicious, very well-priced breakfast burritos, enchiladas and rellenos are just three of them....

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