"Would you like a lime with that?"

Cutting off the bartender at K's China

Sounds like a missed a wild night at K’s China in Boulder last weekend.

According to police reports, cops were called to the joint at 1325 Broadway because the owner of the joint was allegedly smashing glasses on the bar, and shattered glass was flying into people's faces. When Boulder's finest arrived, the owner was nowhere to be seen -- but they found one "heavily intoxicated" Shecky McBarkeep (actually, Kyle McNamara), pulling beers and pouring shots for patrons.

Because the bartender appeared to be intoxicated and no other employee was around, the cops shut K’s for the night and sent everyone on their way.

Funny thing: McNamara -- who may not even be an official bartender at K's -- wasn’t arrested for serving drunk, because that isn’t a crime. His antics will likely get the owners of K’s up before the licensing board, though, because it is a violation of the terms of their liquor license. Double funny: There were also some reports, including this "Drunken Bartender" piece in the Daily Camera, that said shitfaced drink-slinger was also wearing no pants at the time. Or rather, was wearing pants, but around his ankles.

Ah, Boulder…--Jason Sheehan

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