D Bar Offers More Than Just Desserts for Vegetarians, Too

Walking into D Bar hints at what it might be like to walk into Betty Crocker’s house, with ribbons of the sweet smell of confections wafting through the air. The restaurant is first and foremost known for desserts; back when Keegan Gearhard and Lisa Bailey first opened on 17th Avenue, that was what the main focus. Since moving a few blocks to a bigger space on 19th Avenue, customers are getting the message that D Bar is a destination for lunch and dinner as well as sweet treats. While the prominence of bacon makes the menu a little tough for vegetarians to navigate, there are at least a few good meatless options to go along with desserts. 

Take the Veggie-Licious: Two pieces of soft naan are smeared with a layer of black bean hummus, a clever spin on the traditional and sometimes bland garbanzo bean variety. It's a little grittier than the creamy Middle Eastern staple, but the flavor is bolder. Greens, coated with a light, zesty dressing, are then nestled delicately between the naan. Grilled asparagus, zucchini and portobello mushrooms top the dish and give the whole thing some healthy appeal while adding heft, and a sprinkling of red quinoa and goat cheese add additional texture and zing.  Life is just better with cheese; the saltiness of the goat cheese brings out the freshness of the grilled veggies and goes swimmingly with the hummus.
Somewhere between a sandwich and a salad, the Veggie-Licious feels nourishing and won't leave you hungry. But if you need a little something extra, a plate of crispy Brussels sprouts is a great starter — just be sure to save room for dessert. It is D Bar, after all.

A new seasonal addition to the dessert menu is the cherry waffle sammie. To be honest, all the desserts on the menu are worth committing crimes for, so this wasn’t initially high on the list. But it came highly recommended by our server (who, for the record, did not suggest committing any crimes) and we're always drawn to the new and seasonal. This blood-sugar spike consists of two light and fluffy waffles hot off the iron that act as the gatekeepers to the sinful filling in between. A scoop of house-made vanilla ice cream tempers the hot waffles and melts into the cherry compote (the best part). The cherries are tart but are offset by the sweetness of the other ingredients. A dollop of whipped cream is the figurative cherry on top.

D Bar’s menu has enough veggie-friendly options to offset pork wings, Kobe beef sliders and other meaty fare that gets most of the glory. It's a great place for happy hour (don't miss the boozy "high octane" shakes), date night or just a stop for a late treat.

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Chelsea Keeney
Contact: Chelsea Keeney