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Darren Pusateri, chef of Gallo Di Nero, on conch pistol and his obsession with Extreme Cougar Wives

Darren Pusateri Gallo Di Nero 1135 Bannock Street 303-825-1995

This is part one of my interview with Darren Pusateri, exec chef of Gallo Di Nero; part two of our chat will run tomorrow.

Darren Pusateri, clad in a heavy coat with an ebony scarf swaddled around his neck, shakes off a shiver as he slides into one of the booths at Gallo Di Nero, the Golden Triangle restaurant where he's now the executive chef. "We had some issues with the heat this morning," he grumbles. Later, he knocks back a shot of Bulleit rye whiskey to chase away the frosty chill that looms outside on this bleak fall day, the coldest 24 hours of the year.

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