Del Taco closes in Boulder: Goodbye, Macho Burrito Challenge, goodbye Taco Tuesdays

Since Dairy Queen's closure in 2006, the space at 1100 13th Street in Boulder has been a black hole for restaurants -- sucking the life out of them until they disappear altogether, leaving nothing behind but the faint smell of a working kitchen, a "For Sale" sign stuck to the window, and hordes of hungry college students, disappointed again. This space sucked in the 13th Street Cafe and the Kaddy Shack before that.

The latest to leave? Del Taco, whose Macho Burrito Challenge and Taco Tuesdays made it a favorite with students.

Peter Howser, owner of both the Del Taco in Greeley and this one in Boulder, says he invested $500,000 in the location -- putting in a patio and improving the design -- before the restaurant closed on December 15. The Greeley location is flourishing, but this corner lot in Boulder just can't seem to catch a break.

"It's a great location, especially now that it's been remodeled," Howser says. "It just needs the right restaurant and it'll do great."

Any takers?

"We're still in control of the lease, and we're trying to find someone to get in there," Howser says.

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