Deli Zone closing its downtown store today

Yesterday the news broke that the Deli Zone is closing its location at 1601 Blake Street. "Gonna have to find another haunt for hungover breakfast," laments one regular.

Yes, she will: "Today's our last day," an employee confirms. See also: Best hangover breakfast at El Taco De Mexico

The inspiration was the neighborhood delis of New York City, where the founders grew up. According to the Deli Zone's website:

As Rod and Ed grew up to be young men, they moved away from their New York City home and headed west to the mountains. Their routine everyday sandwich stops soon became the inspiration for the start of a new cuisine concept to the natural, but forward thinking town of Boulder. Rich in scenery, fresh air and varied restaurants already, the town was missing what had been so essential to the lives of Rod and Ed for so long. Instead of going home to enjoy these good eats, they brought the sandwiches to Colorado, and thus Deli Zone was born.

The first shop opened in 1993 in Broomfield: today outlets stretch from Boulder to the Denver Tech Center. But for now, downtown Denver will be wiped off the Deli Tech map.

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