Delicious Designs: Eat this restaurant, part two

To celebrate Colorado Architecture Month, the state chapter of the American Institute of Architects has paired up with local chefs for the Delicious Design program, creating desserts inspired by specific buildings in Colorado.

Yesterday's dessert was from Steuben's; today's featured design is from Carelli's Restaurant in Boulder.

Executive Chef:  Laura Solomon Vanderveen
Architect:  Jeffrey L. Sheppard, AIA
Firm: Roth+Sheppard Architects
Dessert Run Dates:Through April 30
Dessert: Baked banana flan, cinnamon sugar-capped sopapilla mountain, chocolate-dipped flatiron gaufrette served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. 

Structure Represented: The NCAR Building in the Boulder Flatirons

"At first I was a little overwhelmed to create this dessert," admits chef Vanderveen, "but in the end it tasted great, which is all that matters."

She says she definitely plans to enter again next year, and if the design is up to her, she'll do a more in-depth plate of the Denver skyline. Sounds delicious.

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