Democratic candidates: You are where you eat

If you're a Democrat who hasn't voted yet, you might want to digest where some of the candidates are throwing their primary-night parties before you give them your support. In the down-and-dirty Senate race, Andrew Romanoff will be at City Hall, 1144 Broadway, while Michael Bennet will be at Mile High Station.

As for the candidates for the Colorado Legislature:

Senate District 34 candidate Lucia Guzman will be at La Casita, which is co-owned by new Denver city councilwoman Paula Sandoval. (Opponent Joel Judd, whose family once owned the Old Spaghetti Factory, has not released his party location.)

In House District 4, Amber Tafoya will be at Luna's on 38th, Dan Pabon will be at House, and Jen Coken will be at a northwest Denver sculpture studio. In HD7, Jon Goldin-Dubois will be at the Berkshire and Angela Williams will be at the Twisted Olive, while Mark Mehringer will be at Oblio's. Up in HD12, Matt Jones will be at Tutti, while Jake Williams has the good taste of throwing his party at the Empire Lounge in Louisville.

But the tastiest lineup might be in HD 5. Mark Thrun will be at Caveau, the wine bar at 450 East 17th Avenue, while his opponent, Crisanta Duran, will be at 8 Rivers, 1550 Blake Street.

The Colorado Dems sent that party list; when we find the locations of all the Republican parties, we'll let you know. But how's this for starters? Scott McInnis's party will be at the Stampede, the giant country-Western bar in Aurora.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.