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Den Deli closes for a major remodel and reconception

Den Deli and Seafood Market, at 1501 South Pearl Street, the third venture from Toshi and Yasu Kizaki, the brotherhood behind Sushi Den, 1487 South Pearl, and Izakaya Den, 1518 South Pearl, opened in December 2009 -- but the bento boxes, ready-made sushi and brimming bowls of ramen, which we loved, apparently didn't win over the rest of the neighborhood quite as much as Toshi and Yasu had anticipated.

We knew that Den Deli was making some changes when we spotted the liquor-license notice plastered on the window in late July, and now there's a new sign, one that alerts those hankering for ramen that the joint is "temporarily closed for construction." And, as it turns out, reconception.

"Toshi and Yasu are redoing the concept and turning it into a restaurant and bar," says Andrea Mellman, a Sushi Den manager. Among other things, the counter service will be replaced by table service and the deli case redressed as a bar.

Darren Pusateri, currently the executive chef of Izakaya Den, is designing the menu, which will be a departure from the Asian dishes that once graced the chalkboard menu at Den Deli. Instead, says Mellman, the new board will offer a la carte dishes that draw from global influences, including Spain. "Toshi sent Darren to Spain recently to check out some restaurants there, but the menu at Den Deli won't be tapas," she notes.

The brothers are still working on a name for the restaurant, which is slated to reopen at the end of October. In the meantime, you can call 303-777-0826 for more information.

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Lori Midson
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