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Reader: There Is No Such Thing as "Best" Barbecue Anywhere in Colorado

Ready to pig out at Piggin Out?
Ready to pig out at Piggin Out? Danielle Lirette
It's the last big weekend of summer, and that means...barbecue! Will you be cooking up a storm in your own back yard, or heading to one of Denver's best barbecue joints?

Just in time for Labor Day, Molly Martin served up her list of the ten best barbecue joints in metro Denver, and her choices had some readers smokin' mad. No Rolling Smoke? No Georgia Boys? No Hickory House, Smokin' Dave's, Seasoned Swine or Raging BBQ? But others approved of her choices. Says Mellodee:
Thank you! I was needing a place to get good bbq! This does it!
Adds Ron:
When I don't do my own, GQue is my go-to place!!
Notes Rosie:
Post Oak is so good, one of my favorite spots!
Recalls Jeff: 
I left the state eight years ago but I loved Piggin’ Out. Lived on Jewel, so it was close.
But then there's this from Jon:
 Average-est! There’s no such thing as “Best Barbecue” anywhere in Colorado. Period.
I had GQue yesterday, just to remind myself. To find the best barbecue in Colorado, one must bring it here from a Southern or Midwestern state.

Stick to talking about your damn green chile, Westword.
And this from Bill:
The slow-smoked scene in town has grown...along with heart attacks, cholesterol levels and strokes.
Responds Ryan: 
I feel like Denver isn't a place where people really commit to food over fitness, which is necessary for an amazing BBQ scene. This is the price you guys pay for being so healthy.
Concludes Debbie:
Sick of meat-centric Westword.
Assuming you eat meat (or have found a good barbecue alternative), where will you be enjoying barbecue this weekend? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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