Reader: What Would Westword Do Without Weed and Booze?

Mark Antonation
Westword just served up "Drink Here," a list of the fifty metro Denver bars we can't live without. It was a chaser to "Eat Here," our roster of the hundred restaurants we can't live without. And as with that lineup, some readers found this one hard to swallow, asking: Where was Herb's? Star Bar? Skylark Lounge?

And then there's this from Brittany:
The fact that Punch Bowl Social is on this list makes the entire thing lose credibility.
Ronnie appreciates at least one inclusion:
When the Lair goes, burn Denver down with it.
Cecily appreciates even more: 
Loved this list! I have gone to many of these places, mostly the newer ones, but now I plan to visit the rest...especially the dives. Keep sharing more of Denver history.
But Emily notes: 
I can live without a lot of these.
And Joe concludes: 
What would Westword do without weed and booze? Judging from all the time you spend sitting in bars or lighting up, I'm amazed that your writers find any time to write stories. But at least they do first-hand research, unlike some reporters.
Keep reading for more of our recent coverage of dining and drinking in Denver.

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