Brioche French toast at Fooducopia is a crowd-pleaser.
Brioche French toast at Fooducopia is a crowd-pleaser.
Bridget Wood

Fooducopia Wins at Brunch With Neighborhood Charm

Fooducopia's brunch isn't intended for luxurious all-day lounging or lavish bottomless drinking; the food here is the real star. Owner Tim Lymberopoulos makes sure that dishes are made with fresh and local ingredients — sometimes as local as neighbors' back yards. The Farm Yard CSA supplies some of Fooducopia's produce, grown and harvested in the Washington Park neighborhood.

"People are hungry for food, but I think they are also hungry for community — and that’s what they get here,” Lymberopoulos states. He's a hands-on owner who, over the course of two hours, seated guests, cleared tables, greeted regulars and ran dishes.

The pot roast scrambler.EXPAND
The pot roast scrambler.
Bridget Wood

Fooducopia's popular French toast is made with brioche from Breadworks Cafe; it's nearly as dense as pound cake and sturdy enough to hold up to its many toppings while still light enough to soak up fruit juices on the bottom of the plate. A thick slab of the French toast comes topped with berries macerated in bourbon and brown sugar, housemade ricotta, candied chile walnuts and toasted-marshmallow whipped cream. Anyone with a sweet tooth will thoroughly enjoy this decadent breakfast.

The menu is filled with Benedicts and omelets (three kinds of each, in fact), but the hashes stand out as a draw for hearty appetites. One of them is a Tender Belly pork-belly hash wih crispy pork, hash browns, fire-roasted poblanos, cilantro and avocado, along with two sunny side-up eggs and crostini. A pool of Hollandaise adds a little something to drag your fork through.

Pork-belly hash with eggs and Hollandaise.EXPAND
Pork-belly hash with eggs and Hollandaise.
Bridget Wood
Mimosas and farm-fresh eggs.EXPAND
Mimosas and farm-fresh eggs.
Bridget Wood

The pot roast scrambler isn't the kind of thing you'd whip up at home — unless you get up six hours early to slow-cook the beef. That's how long Fooducopia takes to make the pot roast for this dish, which also comes with scrambled eggs, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, squash and sweet potatoes, all cooked separately and layered on the bottom of the dish. A side of sauce, thickened with puréed vegetables instead of flour, comes with the lean and tender beef. 

Even though the bar isn't the focus here, you can still order mimosas, with four juices to choose from: guava, passion fruit, mango and orange (or a combination of any of them).

Fooducopia is located at 1939 East Kentucky Avenue and serves brunch Tuesday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, call 303-722-7838 or visit the Fooducopia website.

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