Breakfast and Brunch

Brunch at This Englewood Bar Is Filled With Whiskey and Biscuits

Breakfast nachos go from fantasy to reality at the Whiskey Biscuit.
Breakfast nachos go from fantasy to reality at the Whiskey Biscuit. Bridget Wood
Brunch at The Whiskey Biscuit should be your new Englewood weekend staple. Between rotating French toasts, a specially designed kids' brunch and breakfasty house cocktails, this South Broadway spot has tempting choices for day drinkers and families alike.

I don’t normally consider nachos a breakfast dish, but the Whiskey Biscuit makes it a reality. Flour tortilla chips form a base onto which red, green or Christmas (both) chili are added, with eggs and a smothering of Hollandaise topping things off.

click to enlarge The skillet cake is kind of like a Dutch baby. - BRIDGET WOOD
The skillet cake is kind of like a Dutch baby.
Bridget Wood
On the sweeter side, the German skillet cake is baked in cast iron and topped with whiskey butter. If you’re feeling crazy,  the kitchen will add in chocolate chips, bananas, bacon or fresh fruit. This version of a pancake has more structure than a traditional flapjack and is less sweet, with a consistency and flavor closer to sourdough bread, making it a unique brunch dish.

The Whiskey Biscuit's eggs Benedict comes with carne adovada instead of Canadian bacon and is built on biscuits (what else?). The braised pork is bathed in red chile and topped with poached eggs, creamy Hollandaise and crispy onions. A simpler but still tasty biscuit alternative is the Breakfast Sammy, with eggs, cheddar, house mayo and your choice of a breakfast meat all on a fresh biscuit. This sandwich comes with a mountain of housemade fries.

click to enlarge Carne adovada Benedict on a biscuit. - BRIDGET WOOD
Carne adovada Benedict on a biscuit.
Bridget Wood
click to enlarge A breakfast biscuit sandwich with potatoes. - BRIDGET WOOD
A breakfast biscuit sandwich with potatoes.
Bridget Wood
Aaron Hatle, one of the three owners of the Whiskey Biscuit, explains that the name of the bar and grill represents what's served: everything from biscuits to whiskey. Somewhere in between the two, there's also beer. "We have 24 taps, and about twenty of those are Colorado beers," he points out. "We’re a Colorado-driven business."

Brain Poyner is another third of the team that makes the Whiskey Biscuit a neighborhood treasure. Poyner's expertise is behind the bar, and he has elevated the drinks menu to what it is today, which includes house-infused spirits. His Swine Society cocktail combines bacon-infused bourbon, muddled cherries, maple syrup and bitters before being crowned with whiskey bacon and a cherry. This drink is like breakfast in a glass, but the idea is based on a a traditional Old Fashioned. The Mile High Chai is a lighter breakfast drink, with Denver's Bear Creek Distillery spiced rum, spiced simple syrup, iced tea and a dusting of cinnamon. Make it a boozy trio with the Devil’s Harvest, a blend of Devil’s Head Aquavit, apple cider and spiced simple syrup. Devil’s Head Distillery makes its Scandinavian-style aquavit (and other spirits) right around the corner from the Whiskey Biscuit, so it doesn't get much more local than that. While the Swine Society is potent, the other two cocktails are on the lighter side, which is nice when you’re drinking at 10 a.m.

Alan Courtney, the third owner, describes the Whiskey Biscuit as a "locally owned and operated establishment by three guys who like what they do."

The Whiskey Biscuit is located at 3299 South Broadway in Englewood. Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. There's even a brunch happy hour from 9 to 11 a.m., with $2 mimosas and $6 for the "traditional breakfast" — two eggs, home fries, toast and breakfast meat. For more information, call 303-386-3334 or visit the restaurant's website.

Hot tip: If it’s snowing in Englewood, the bar offers $2 Irish coffees.
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