The Cricket burger, a Denver Icon?
The Cricket burger, a Denver Icon?
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Does the Cherry Cricket Really Qualify as an Icon?

In honor of the Cherry Cricket reopening this month after repair work necessitated by a late November fire, we served up our list of the Ten Iconic Burgers in Metro Denver. The Cricket definitely made the cut, and fans lined up on reopening day for another taste of the Cricket burger. But some readers don't get it. Says Gigi:

Why? It was okay. Nothing to brag about or stand in line for over an hour.

Responds Bret: 

It's great to see a longstanding local business get back on track

And then there's this from Daniel: 

"Iconic" burger? If ever a word belonged on the ten most overused adjective list, iconic is it. Hmm, we have cheeseburgers, baconburgers, and now iconburgers?

Good to see My Brother's Bar on the list. Excellent burgers. Ate there many times in the early 1970s.

If there's an iconic burger joint, it's definitely My Brother's Bar, which has new owners but the same classic flavor. Have you been there lately? How about the Cricket? What's your favorite burger in Denver?

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