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Reader: Breakfast Burritos Are Yet Another Reason to Love Denver

Mark Antonation
Was it good for you? October 14 was Denver's first Official Breakfast Burrito Day; Mayor Michael Hancock recently declared that the second Saturday of every October will celebrate breakfast burritos, and he hyped the homegrown Santiago's chain in touting the city's Mexican food scene.

But really, every day is breakfast burrito day in Denver, and when we served up our list of the Ten Best Handheld Breakfast Burritos in Denver, including the foil-wrapped gems from Santiago's, readers were quick to respond. Says Larry:

By far, Santiago's is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Denver.
Responds Jonathan: 
I assume you have only been there. Taco Bell is even better than Santiago's.
Adds Nancy: 
The best ones I ever had were outside of Mile High Stadium. Then the food Nazis came along and made the vendors stop selling them.
Then there's this from Lindsee:
 I love that this says "hand held burritos" because smothered burritos are an entirely different category! 
And Dawn says simply:
 Reason #1203729148 why I love Denver.
Where will you be eating a breakfast burrito today? Keep reading for more of our coverage.

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