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Denver chefs pick their favorite kitchen tools and gadgets

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Ian Kleinman The Inventing Room Favorite kitchen tool? Kitchen shank. It makes me feel safe.

Zach Hines OG Burgers Favorite kitchen tool? I don't know if it's considered a tool, but I really like the steam cover for melting cheese: Cover the burger and splash a drop of water down, and it melts the cheese right away. It's always so gooey and drippy in just the perfect way, and I love lifting off the cover and seeing the cheese in its new melty goodness.

Andre Lobato Interstate Kitchen + Bar Favorite kitchen tool? Japanese mandoline. I'm sure every other guy will say his knife, but a knife wound to the finger will never match the grotesqueness of what the mandoline is capable of doing.

Scott Bermingham Snooze Favorite kitchen tool? My knives are essential and indispensable kitchen tools; they're an extension of my hand.

Brad Arguello Uber Sausage Favorite kitchen tool? A shaker tin to make a nice, stiff drink after the work is all done.

Pete List Beatrice & Woodsley Favorite kitchen tool? My meat grinder. I love grinding stuff. We make all of our fresh sausage in-house, and making a good sausage is one of my favorite things to do.

Jeff Osaka Twelve Favorite kitchen tool? I have a few fancy gadgets, including water circulators and a Cryovac machine, but my favorite tool is always my chef knife. It cut me a couple weeks ago because I wasn't paying attention to it. The cut is slowly healing.

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