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Denver Deep Dish Unveils Breakfast Pizza for Rockies Opening Weekend

The first home game of the 2015 Colorado Rockies will soon be under way and there are plenty of celebrations happening all over town. While it may be a little late for breakfast today, you can still catch the game and try something new at Denver Deep Dish, if you don't mind a few cheers thrown in for the Cubs while you're rooting for the home team. The Chicago-style pizza joint just launched a menu of breakfast pizzas and a new breakfast cocktail, which it will be serving every Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 10 a.m. 

The breakfast menu includes a choice of thick or thin crust pizza topped with pico de gallo or red or green chile (or Christmas-style, as in the photo above), scrambled eggs, cream cheese, mozzarella and a variety of meats and veggies. Four-slice deep dish pizzas ring in at $7.50, while the larger thin crust pies come in at $15. Roasted potatoes are also available as a topping or a side.

There's also a new cocktail: a mimosa made with champagne and Denver Beer Co.'s Raspberry Princess Yum Yum. While the blend may seem a little dainty, it's a surprisingly tart and refreshing pre-game starter. The name of the beer started out as a joke at the brewery, according to the pizzeria's bartender, which originally called it Raspberry Kolsch, but then added Princess to the name to see if it would slow down sales because brewers couldn't keep up with demand — and finally added Yum Yum when the first change showed no effect. 

Owner Jason McGovern hopes to keep the party going all day for Cubs and Rockies fans alike and says it's only a ten- to fifteen-minute walk from the LoHi pizzeria to Coors Field (or back again, after the game). And if you can't make it today, they'll be firing up breakfast pizzas all weekend. If you make it today and you're wearing Cubs or Rockies gear, you'll get 15 percent off your bill.

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