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Reader: So Many Memories of Drunk Food and Good Times at the Denver Diner

Reader: So Many Memories of Drunk Food and Good Times at the Denver Diner
Kenzie Bruce
The lights have gone out at the Denver Diner. The family that ran this spot at 740 West Colfax Avenue made the tough decision not to reopen the 24/7 cafe that George Skordos started over thirty years ago, but say they will reopen in another location...some day.

"It was a place you could trust to have good food no matter the time. It was a place where if you had a terrible night...we could turn your night around," recalls Konstantine Skordos, who started working at the diner as a teen and was the general manager when it closed. "I’ll never forget the place, and I’ll make sure nobody else does, either. We may be gone for now, but not forever. We will be back, Denver, better than ever."

In the meantime, on the Westword Facebook page where we posted "The Denver Diner Has Closed Its Doors on Colfax," memories are pouring out — even if that endless pot of coffee has gone cold. Says Meghan:
Nooooooooo! Will miss you, Denver Diner! Always good food at any time, 24/7. Staff was always nice, too.
Adds Clive:
So sad!! It was a great place to eat at 2 a.m. Very nice and friendly staff. Will miss that place! Best wishes to everyone affected by the closure
Comments Nick:
That is horrible news. That diner was the best of the best.
Replies Tim:
Jesus, this is horrible. A 1-2 punch along with El Chapultepec. So many happy memories there from hanging out with college buds (I attended across the street). If they still had take-out options, I would have ordered $200 worth of hash browns.
Responds Ozwald: 
So many memories of drunk food and good times. I was up to no good if I was eating here! Very sorry to see this.

From Carolyn:
Nooooooo!! So many fun times, to eat comfort friends and solve world problems. The go-to for acts at the venue where I worked who wanted a normal, late-night meal. And the pie!
Adds DJ Chonz:     
 Many late nights after the club meals there! RIP the Mass Confusion.
Remembers Jim: 
Loved sitting in there and watching the people walk by. Businesspeople, homeless people, college kids, runners, bikers ... all of Denver walked by that diner. ·
Concludes Paula:
One of my favorite places after a night downtown. All the craziness and fun and good food too. End of an era.
Are your memories of the Denver Diner as strong as its coffee? Even though there are plans to reopen, the Skordos family has a few souvenirs of this location that it's willing to part with — and we'll be giving them to the former patrons who share the best stories.

Want a Denver Diner coffee cup? Fill our comments section with your memories (or send them to [email protected]), and one could be yours. 
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