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Reader: Denver Being the Booziest City Isn't a Reason for Pride

Denver's best dive bar in 2021.
Denver's best dive bar in 2021. Scott Lentz
Are you partying this weekend? Just in time for the Labor Day holiday, sports-betting company OLBG came out with its list of the booziest cities in the country. And Denver ranks number one.

The study was based on the number of nightlife attractions per 100,000 people (21.35 for the Mile High City) and the percent of adults who binge-drink or drink heavily — reportedly 25 percent. The frequency of Denver drinking pushed this city over the top. Close behind came San Francisco.

But in their comments on the Westword Facebook post of the ranking, some readers are demanding a recount. Says Art: 
That's hard to believe over cities like Vegas, New Orleans.
Adds Matt: 
This is bullshit. Signed, The People of Wisconsin.
Notes Josh: 
If you take me out of the equation. we probably drop a couple of spots. 
Suggests Neil:
Being the most alcoholic city isn't really something to be proud of.
Comments Ryan:
Yuck. Booze is nasty and drunks are a public safety hazard.
Wonders Andrew:
Do we drink because of terrible leadership? Or do we have terrible leaders because we're a bunch of drunks?
Offers Lora:
Not surprised...I noticed a super-strong drinking culture in place when visiting in the late '90s and when I moved here in 2001, nothing changed. Even now, after legalizing pot, Denver is a drinker's paradise.
Concludes Stan:
Drink up, Denver!
Oddly, Denver didn't rank near the top for stoners, coming in behind Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Mesa and Nashville.

Do you think Denver is a drinker's paradise? What are your favorite bars? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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